Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms, conditions and instructions before proceeding with booking or on line payment.
You will be required to check a box on the checkout and reservation pages to confirm you have read the information below.

Confirmation: You will receive an automated email within minutes of confirming your booking, you will receive a further personalised confirmation email within 48 hours of booking, if you do not receive either of these emails PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK / SPAM EMAIL FOLDERS.  If you still have not received any confirmation please contact us at any of the email contact or telephone contacts on our home page.

Already in Tenerife? : If you are already in Tenerife and have made your booking for same day or next day delivery, please call or What’s app message us on 0034 699105672 or 0034 619571803 to confirm your order & delivery of your items.

Delivery and collection Charges:   Delivery & collection is included in the price to most areas. The following areas are subject to a 30 Euro delivery and Collection charge which is payable on delivery of your items: Puerto Santiago, Playa de Arena, Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan, Alcala. Deliveries to rural areas outside the coastal resorts.

Please note we do not deliver to Puerto de la Cruz or Santa Cruz or resorts north of Abades, but you can if you wish arrange to collect orders at a pre-arranged meeting point in the South of Tenerife.

Price guarantee:  The special discount offers and website prices are only available on our website.  Prices in resort, either booked directly with us, via hotel receptions or via tour operators may vary due to demand, but will never be cheaper than the price you have booked on our website!

Delivery and Collection
You will be required to call us on or after arrival to confirm the delivery time for your reserved items. You can call us (after arrival only) on the following numbers 0034 619571803 or 0034 699105672. Our delivery hours are from 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 7.30pm (19:30). If you arrive after 7.30pm (19:30), delivery may be made the following day after arrival. If you are arriving late, it may be possible in some circumstances, to leave items at a secure reception area or if we can gain access to a private apartment or accommodation through a property management company.

COVID 19 Cancellation Guarantee:  We will guarantee that should you have to cancel you holiday for any Covid-19 related reason, including positive tests, or changes to UK or Spanish travel regulations we will issue you with a full and immediate refund right up to the last minute and scheduled delivery date and time of your booked items.  Cancellations for any other reasons are laid out below.

On line payment, cancellation and refunds
Once an item is booked and paid for online we guarantee your reservation and the availability of your item. We will only guarantee AC units for July and August that have been booked for and paid for in advance on the website.

We will confirm your booking by a personalised (not automated) email. We will issue this confirmation normally within 48 hours of receiving your booking.

Full refunds will be issued on any booking and payment made and cancelled within 48 hours of the original booking being received.

Any cancellation made after 48 hours and up to 2 weeks prior to the commencement of rental will be subject to a 15 Euros administration charge, which will be deducted from the total refund. If the rental cost of the items are less than 15 Euros, then no refund will be issued.

No refund will be issued on items cancelled less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the commencement of the hire period. If the reason for cancellation can be claimed through holiday insurance, we will be happy to provide an itemised invoice.

All refunds for on line payment will be issued through PayPal to your form of payment. To request or enquire about a refund please contact us here or you can email us at info@mrcools-hireshop.com.

Deposit Charges
A security deposit will be charged on delivery for each item, this is payable in cash and it will be returned to you upon collection of the item/s.  Most items have a deposit of 10 or 20 Euros.   The wifi routers have a deposit of 50 Euros.

In resort service
If you find any fault with your items on delivery or after delivery please contact us in order that we repair or replace the item with a suitable alternative. Any faults with items must be reported to us within the first 24 hours of hire.

Pushchairs, Prams and baby equipment:
Please ensure that you have selected the most suitable product to support the weight and size of your child. Some pushchairs will only support a child of up to 15kgs in weight some will support a child up to 23kgs in weight. We cannot be held liable in the event of any accident due the child exceeding the weight capacity of the pushchair. Charges will be made for any damage to products due to the weight limits being exceeded. This could be up to the full cost of a replacement product.

All our rental products are cleaned prior to rental and whilst they are not always ‘new’ they should be delivered to you in a reasonable clean condition. If you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the product, please advise us at delivery and we will ensure you are issued with a suitably clean product. Similarly, we expect our products to be returned in a reasonably clean condition.

Whilst we always expect some ‘wear and tear’ and some necessary cleaning. Charges will be made and deposits withheld for pushchairs or items returned in an unacceptably soiled and dirty condition. We ask clients refrain from feeding children or applying sun-protection cream to children whilst they are sat in the pushchairs. Pushchairs are not designed for beach use and we request that all pushchairs are returned cleaned and free of any sand and debris.

Weight capacity of our manual wheelchairs is 110kgs. We cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident due to the weight capacity being exceeded. Wheelchairs are not designed for beach use. Please use only on the designated wheelchair paths and walkways in beach areas. Please do not apply sun screen whilst sat in the wheelchairs. Charges will be made and deposits withheld for wheelchairs returned dirty, soiled or covered in sand.

Portable Air Conditioning units:
Please read below the operating instructions for the AC units in order you are aware how they function prior to booking.

Portable Air Conditioning unit: directions / instructions
Although we have several different models available they all work in much the same way and as such we have laid out a few instructions below to help you.

After plugging in the unit please ensure the plastic corrugated exhaust hose is fixed to the rear of the unit. Place this hose out of a balcony door or window closing the door or window on the hose to keep it closed as much as possible. If you have curtains, use this to cover the remaining gap.

Please make sure all rubber or plastic stoppers are fixed in place at the rear of machines or in the case of some machines the ‘pull out’ plastic bucket is slid in completely and lies flush against the outer casing of the machine.

Turn on the machine. Most machines have 3 operating modes. AC / FAN / DE-HUMIDIFY and some also have a heating mode.

In summary
AC function = Cools and de humidifies.
De humidify = De humidifies but does not cool the air.
Fan = Does not cool or de-humidify acts as a fan circulating the air at room temperature.

Press the mode button on your AC unit until the AC symbol shows, this is sometimes illuminated depending on your model and is normally shown as a snowflake or as simply ´’AC’ or ‘Cool’. When the machine is first turned on or if you have changed the mode it may take a minute or two for the AC system to start functioning properly. So, if not immediately you should feel the cool air blow through within a couple of minutes. We recommend keeping the AC unit on AC / Cool function, after all this is what you have hired it for. You will also see you can put the temperature up and down using the up ‘^’ and down ‘v’ arrows or ‘+ and – ‘buttons. Again, we recommend you set this to the lowest setting to get the best cooling results. The coolest setting is normally 17 / 18 Degrees C. on most machines.

Emptying the machines
When used as AC units or as De-humidifiers the machines absorb the moisture from the room. This moisture collects in a well / bucket inside the machine. When this well is full the machine will no longer function as an AC unit. It either stop working altogether or it will continue to work, but only as a fan. The unit will notify you that it is full by making a beeping noise or with an illuminated light or ‘bucket full’ icon. for the machine to function normally again you must drain the machine to do this you need to remove the rubber / plastic plug / bung or in some machines take out the removable plastic bucket drawer. Once the machine has drained completely it should function normally once again. It is best to drain the machine over an exterior drain, on a terrace or balcony or in a bath. Please do not drain the machines onto your room floor, and please do not drink the water collected inside the machines.

Trouble shooting
Machine leaking or dripping water – please make sure the plastic plug or bung is fitted in the back or empty the plastic bucket.

Machine not giving out cool air – please ensure the mode is set to AC and the temperature is set to lowest possible. If the machine is in continuous use it may be necessary to clean the filters. To do this please remove the filters from the machine. The filters will either slide out or clip off the machine and they are normally situated at the side or rear of the machines. Use a dry cloth and damp sponge to remove excess dust and return the filter to the machine.

Please make sure the filters (normally on the back or / and side of the machine ) are not blocked or obstructed by things like curtains or bedding which can be sucked against the filters as the filters try to suck the air in.  Filters are cleaned between each rental, but if needs be they can be easily removed and cleaned with a dry towel or brush if they get clogged with too much dust or dirt.

If your machine displays an error message please carry out all the above steps disconnect the unit from the mains and reconnect it.

If all the above fails or if you have any other problem with the AC unit please call us directly on 0034 619571803, 628135198, or 699105672 or ask your reception to contact us.

Return of products:  All equipment must be returned at the agreed date and time, in the same condition it was when first hired. Failure to do so will result in loss of security deposit in addition to other possible charges.

All rental items remain property of ´Mr Cool’s Hire Shop, a sole trading business.