4G Wifi Router & 35 GB data SIM

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4G Wifi router. (SIM Card included).    50 Euros refundable deposit required on delivery.   The SIM card comes with up to 35GB of data pre loaded.  If you use all of this data, you can pay extra to have more data loaded to the card;  10 to 20 Euros depending on amount requested, we will load this remotely and deduct the amount from your security deposit.

Connectivity depends on mobile network coverage in the accommodation you are staying in.



4G Wifi Router.  SIM Card included with 35 GB of data pre loaded.

If you require unlimited data, please book that option, it is listed as a separate product.

Ideal if you are staying in an apartment with no internet or wifi.  The router connects directly to the mobile network using the pre paid SIM card, so you and your whole family can stay connected whilst on holiday.

You can avoid roaming charges or using your own data packages whilst on holiday.

Hire these easy to use, easy to connect 4G Wifi routers.  Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained, watching your favourite Netflix series or you just need to stay connected to work whilst here, this little gadget is ideal and could save you loads in charges and data.

50 Euros refundable deposit required on delivery.

Connectivity depends on mobile network coverage.

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